For 11 years you have fought against the structures in the underworld - now you are close to your goal: Dive into Casa Moretta and find the decisive evidence to get the godfather of the Moretta family behind bars for good.

Search the family's secret hideout, decipher the secrets and find the decisive evidence. Time is running out: Can you make it before the family returns - armed and speaking ill of you? If not...

70 min

2-7 Agents

Not barrier-free


The Poltergeist

During renovation work in the basement, an unknown door was uncovered. The first investigation team did not come back and it is unclear what happened there. Screams and dull noises could still be heard, nothing more. Can you explain what happened there?

The real question is: do you dare?

  • For everyone who likes it really immersive: 100% horror & scary. No splatter
  • The chances are very high that you will meet the missing crew, researchers or patients in the dark
  • The original from Prague by THE CHAMBER
  • Not recommended for people with pacemakers

60 Min

2-7 Agents

100% Horror 

16+ (recommended)

The search for the scepter of light

According to legends, a huge source of energy that first appeared in the 8th century and the trace of which was lost in Central America.

Other, dubious and malicious organizations are on the lookout for this powerful relic. Not to imagine what happens when the scepter falls into the wrong hands. Travel to different times and places, connect the traces and finds the scepter of light.

80 Min

2-7 Agenten