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The Code Agency

Missions, only for the important things.

An independent underground organization that operates worldwide in different times and epochs with only one goal:
To protect the earth and fight for the welfare of mankind.






The Escape Room

How it works

1 team, 1 hour and 1 mission:

Master puzzles and tasks as a team, reveal secrets to discover new rooms and film-like worlds.

When will you master your next adventure mission and immerse yourself in these worlds? But shush, we work in secret!

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The original. Live, authentic and immersive! 

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Headless 1811 - The riddle of death




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The Unknown Cargo of Merox



Outdoor City iPad Touren

Your City Mission with equipment & iPad across the city. Can you manage all challenges?


Alle Antworten auf Eure Fragen:

What exactly is a "LIVE ESCAPE GAME" - I want to know exactly!

Imagine: You are led as a team into a story in which you are faced with logical challenges or physical puzzles. You have to find and connect objects and clues in an unknown room - the goal: Escape from the room with the team. More will not be revealed.

Who can play?

All from young to old! Everyone who enjoys discovering new things, playing games or solving puzzles will get their money's worth. As you will encounter some tricky puzzles, we recommend a minimum age of 12 years (accompanied by at least one parent or guardian). In some rooms, unfortunately, no players can take part who are restricted in their movement, because you might have to climb or crawl. You can find out more by clicking on the mission picture. 


Do I need an experience with such games? Do I need to prepare myself?

No - don't worry! The rules of the game are simple and will be explained in advance - as you work in a team, everyone brings in their own strengths and you can make it as a team. If you are completely "on the tube", there is a game master: He monitors the action via camera and then gives you a little tip.

Can I cancel a booking?

As these are booked tickets (e.g. in the cinema or theatre), a cancellation is not possible in principle. Should you have to cancel for special reasons, we always try to be accommodating. Until 2 weeks before the date this is usually no problem. In any case, please contact the location for which you have booked. Thank you.

I have a voucher. Now what?

First thank your friends for the nice gift and then simply book the room you want at the time you want. During the booking process you have the possibility to enter the voucher code. Alternatively you can bring the voucher with you and we will reduce the invoice amount on site.

What if there are more/less people than booked?

No problem, just bring the additional person with you and we will adjust the invoice amount on site. If, contrary to expectations, one of your team should be absent, the invoice amount will also be adjusted. You only pay for the actual number of participants. Unfortunately we cannot cancel whole rooms. Please note that no refunds can be made for online payments, but in this case we can issue a voucher for the corresponding amount.

What are your security measures?

Safety is extremely important to us and you should be able to concentrate fully on the game. Therefore we have:

Of course, an existing usage permit and, if necessary, an approved fire protection concept, which includes

  • Existing escape routes, as required by the building code, signposted and approved.
  • Each group has a game master who monitors the events by camera and microphone and thus knows exactly what is happening in the room.
  • The doors of the playrooms are either unlocked or can be opened at any time from inside and outside by means of an "emergency stop button". In the event of a power failure, the doors open automatically, as we do not use bolts but only electromagnetic locks.
  • Every player can leave the game room independently at any time without needing help from the game master.
  • Our smoke detectors and escape route signs are regularly checked and all game leaders are regularly trained on the security concept.
  • Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What do tickets cost at THE CODE AGENCY?

The price depends on the number of participants and is usually between 25-35€ pP. The more players you are per group, the cheaper. The exact prices depend on the location and can be found on the booking page of the cities.

Are there different levels of difficulty?

Our rooms are all designed in such a way that every team can make it. Besides, there is always your head of mission who will support you.

How many players should be in a group?

You have to be at least two. Since communication and team spirit are important, we recommend at least 4 people per team. This will give you more thinking power in the room, but communication between several players will also be a new challenge.

So the more players you have, the easier it is, but it will definitely be more lively and fun. Unfortunately we have to charge the 3 person price for teams of 2, otherwise there will be nothing left in the cash box at the end of the day with the effort of running the game.

Can I participate with physical limitations?

Wheelchair users can participate, but should also have players without physical limitations on the team - some things are not at grip height. Rooms that are not suitable for wheelchair users are specially marked. You can find out more by clicking on the mission picture. If you have any questions, simply write to us.

In which languages is the game offered?

All missions are playable in German as well as in English. After all, we operate worldwide.

Where can I find you locally?

You find the directions in the contact area and at GOOGLE Maps.

How can I register my team?

Just click on the TICKET or on BOOK and select the city. You will then be taken to the booking calendar

How can I pay?

You can either pay directly online via credit card, instant bank transfer or PayPal or alternatively on site in cash or with EC/credit card.

WOW - great concept: Are you still looking for employees?

I'm glad you enjoyed it! We are always looking for motivated people who are enthusiastic about the concept and want to work with us. Feel free to contact us at the appropriate location in the contact area.

I still have unanswered questions, what now?

No problem, just write a short mail to the appropriate location in the contact area and we will get back to you shortly.

Do you have vouchers to buy?

Sure, and what kind! Just choose the right city under VOUCHERS. Then select the desired voucher in the booking calendar.

You will receive the voucher code immediately by e-mail. You can find everything else on the voucher page.

What are your opening hours?

These vary depending on the location. Usually MO-DO from about 15-23h, Fridays we open earlier and SA and Sundays from about 11h. You can see the official game dates on the BOOKING PAGE of each city. For requests outside of these dates please use our contact form.