1. Your Team

Organise your friends and family, colleagues and neighbours: an Escape Room is always a team game.

2. Date & Mission

Select the date and free time in the calendar for the desired mission. (Red = Booked). You can book until 8pm for the next day, otherwise call us or use the contract form. 

3. Payment

Simply pay online via PayPal, Sofort Überweisung (Instant pay) or Credit Card. The tickets will be sent directly to you by mail.

The duration

Agents, it's very important that you're on time. The missions will start just like in the theatre, even without you!

Further questions?

Answers to your questions can be found here in the FAQ section. Otherwise please use the contact form.

Live Escape Adventure Games

If you are still not sure which mission is the right one for you, you can read more about the missions here.

The moretta legacy

Radio play mission: In this mission, radio play elements & interactive moments await you. Be curious!

Story: Dive into the structures of the Düsseldorf underworld in the 40s. Your mission is: break…

Mysterious & Creepy

The Poltergeist

Horror-Mission: It gets dark and intense. TMaybe the most thrilling horror escape in Germany.

During renovation work in the basement, an unknown door was uncovered. The first investigation team did…

Mysterious & Creepy

The search for the scepter of light

TimeTravel-Mission: It will be very varied and you will travel to several places. 

According to legends, a huge source of energy that first appeared in the 8th century and the trace of which was lost…

Mystical & exciting

Tears of Hekate

Highscore Mission: A clear goal and highscore elements await you in this mission. A new Escape approach!

Prepare yourselves for an adventurous journey around the globe! The chasing breath of Tenebris…

Varied & Magical

IT is back..

Horror-Mission: It gets dark and intense. The clown of your nightmares is back....

The strange letter from an old friend brings back memories. Memories of missing children, rain and that horrible…

Intense & Creepy